Webinar Recording available: Women’s Agency tackling Violence against migrant and refugee Women


In this webinar, held 21 February 2019, three speakers spoke on how migrant (including refugee) women and women’s rights groups are countering violence against migrant and refugee Women. After the presentations a Q&A followed. The presentations given:

  • Self-organized migrant women taking action against Gender Based Violence in Spain, Valentina Longo, and Silvina Monteros – researchers and members @ Network of Latin American and Caribbean Women

This presentation explained how the network has been able to collectively advocate for a better protection of Violence against migrant Women in Spain, and what they have learned together from their collective Agency. The Latin American and Caribbean Network is a network of 13 self-organized migrant/Diaspora women organizations in Spain that advocates for the defence of women migrant rights.

  • How to deal with the two-year trap law in Sweden in order to protect migrant women from violence, Nezik Keshto – lawyer and head of operations @ Terrafem Göteborg

The “rules of two years” (in English) is a Swedish law that makes it difficult for migrant women to leave a violent relationship is explained in this presentation. Also: what Terrafem can do and what problems it faces in protecting migrant women from partner violence. Terrafem offers support, information about rights and legal advice to women and girls of another ethnicity who have been victims of violence.

  • Women’s rights associations and the Shortcomings in protecting refugee and migrant Women from Violence in Serbia, Jelena Hnrjak – Program manager @ Atina

This presentation shared strategies that Atina has used to respond to shortcomings in the implementation of the Istanbul convention on Violence Against Women for women on the move in Serbia. Atina was founded to stop and support women’s trafficking and has since then enlarged its programmes to support women in the asylum process and integration into Serbian society.

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