Counter Voices of migrant, including undocumented and refugee women against neo-right Populism and other threats

Counter Voices of migrant, including refugee and undocumented women against neo-right Populism and other threats in Europe: Strategies and Practices

Jelena HrnjakProgram manager at Atina (Serbia)

Alyna Smith – Platform International Cooperation Undocumented Migrants (PICUM)
Anna Zobnina – European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW)
Jennifer Kamau – International Women Space
Sodfa DaajiAfrika Youth Movement and ENoMW

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This webinar is part of the project: “Strengthening Innovative Solutions to Protect Female Migrant and Refugee Rights“, that includes three webinars, and is organized by WIDE+, Atina NGO, KULU Women and Development, Calala Women’s Fund, GADIP, Latin American and Caribbean Women Network, and others.

The next webinar is on 4 April 2019: A Feminist view on projects to integrate migrant and refugee Women in European Economies.

About the Speakers and Presentations

ANNA+ZOBNINAHow migrant Women in Europe work together to resist forms of Fundamentalism
Anna Zobnina, strategy & policy Coordinator @European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW) Reflecting on the European experiences and practices of the network, Anna Zobnina will suggest strategies to counter neo-right fundamentalisms.

As part of her daily work, she builds the capacity building of migrant women organisations and increases their visibility in European policy making. Anna has over ten years’ experience of feminist research and advocacy of violence and discrimination against women, with a specific focus on migrant women and girls, sexual exploitation and sexual-reproductive health and rights.

daajiHow are young Feminists responding to neo-right Populism?
Sodfa Daaji, Coordinator @Afrika Youth Movement and organizer Radical Girlss project @ENoMW

Sodfa Daaji will present practices of how young feminists are responding to right wing populism and fundamentalisms. Sodfa is a Tunisian feminist activist who focuses on how culture, religion and tradition affect the achievement of equality. Among others, she has been shortlisted for the women of Europe award in the category “youth in activism” for her advocacy on enhancing women’s rights in Africa, and on advocating against the sexual exploitation of women and girls in Europe.

smithUndocumented women In Europe, their path to ensure access to justice
Alyna Smith, Advocay Officer @PICUM (Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants)

Alyna Smith will address the situation of undocumented women in Europe, their vulnerability created by insecure status, and examples of practices that prevent violence and ensure access to justice. Alyna works at PICUM, a network of more than 160 organisations across Europe, and in other regions, that advocates for the rights of undocumented migrants. Her work focuses on access to health care and access to justice for undocumented migrants, as well as legal strategies.

dc1c6dff-3393-4c1c-9187-4e07efacb695We exist, we are: the importance of self-organized Women in Germany
Jennifer Kamau – co-initiator of International Women Space @International Women Space in Germany

Jennifer Kamau will talk about how migrant women can self-organize in the context of gender discrimination and racism they face. Jennifer is a Berlin-based activist and researcher. She is one of the initiators of the International Women Space, which is a network of (former) asylum seekers and migrants that fosters solidarity and collaboration, produces books, organizes campaigns and conferences on the issues of asylum seekers and migrants. This network emerged from the “famous” occupation of the Oranienplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg some years ago, as a feminist response to the predominantly male concerns of the insurgent refugees.

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