WIDE+ is seeking a short term Public Relations Consultant for January-March 2019

WIDE+ is seeking a Public Relations consultant who considers herself or himself a women’s rights advocate or feminist to advise us in the early months of 2019 for a consultancy of around 6 days work.

Job Description

The objective of the consultancy is to improve our public communication and engagement with audiences outside our network, in order to make a critical international feminist perspective more visible in the public and attract potential new members and partners to WIDE+’s work. To this end, the consultant will:

The tasks include:

  • Review WIDE+’s current messages about itself and its objectives and suggest improvements in order to attract new possible constituents and partners to our work;
  • Suggest strategies (in terms of messages and ways to communicate) to reach new audiences and make us visible,.
  • Review WIDE+ external communication process and suggest improvements (in terms of frequency and content on website, social media, face to face and on paper).
  • Share recommendations in written form and in interaction with members.

Read here the full announcement: announcementPRconsultant2019WIDE

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