IV Meeting: “Citizenship and Participation of migrant and refugee women: Consolidating our political agenda”, 19-21 October 2018, Barcelona, Spain

This meeting will take place as part of a series of events on 19, 20 and 21 Ocotber, and is being organized by Red de Mujeres Latinoamericanas y del Caribe in collaboration with Calala Fondo de Mujeres and Mujeres con Voz.


The meeting is one of four national workshops that are being held in 2018, in the context of the collaborative project: ‘Strengthening innovative Solutions to protect Female Migrant and Refugee Rights’, coordinated by WIDE+. and supported [in part] by a grant from the Foundation Open Society Institute in cooperation with the Human Rights Initiative of the Open Society Foundations.

The events are in Spanish.

Full programme (including link to registration):
Diptico completo
Diptico con programa inglés definitivo



  • To analyze the situation of citizenship rights of migrant and refugee women in
    Spain, in order to describe the starting point from which to argue our demands
    related to this issue.
  • To analyze the intersection between the right of citizenship and other basic rights for migrant and refugee women in Spain, such as the right to a life free of violence, the right to a decent job, the right to health, among others.
  • To discuss the different forms of participation of migrant and refugee women and how they are collectivized and transform into political actions oriented towards specific demands.
  • To reflect on the practices aimed at the achievement of strategic alliances between the different organizations of our Network and other feminist, migrants, refugees organizations or key actors in the field of the rights of migrants in Spain.


  • To develop framework documents on citizenship and participation of migrant and refugee women, to use as arguments for lobbying, advocacy and awareness actions.
  • To plan the Network’s advocacy actions for 2018/2019, involving strategic alliances with other actors in the field.
  • To improve our visibility as political agents in the spaces and forums that concern us.
  • To reflect on the participation within the groups of migrant women: the power and distribution of tasks, how decisions are made and how it is executed.



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