Workshop, “Women’s migration between agency, exploitation and resistance”, 9.00-12.00, 7 March 2018, Brussels, Belgium, organized by WIDE+ and LMsF

This workshop will address several aspects related to women’s rights, gender and migration. It will involve both Erasmus+ and OSF project participants as well as Belgian local NGO and women’s associations’ representatives. This session aims at exchanging findings, views and experiences from different perspectives and countries in order to
inform, highlight trends and challenges, and formulate recommendations to European politicians.

Methodology: after a short introduction by 4-5 speakers, participants* will have the time for a structured discussion on the different issues at stake, including:
 current migration policies from a gender perspective;
 links between economic development, trade, gender and migration;
 reception of women asylum seekers;
integration of migrant women (including access to rights, education, health, to the labour market, empowerment);
violence against migrant women and trafficking;
 migrant women’s participation in the democratic life of host societies; etc.

Maria Arena, Belgian MEP
Migration and violence against women (TBC)
Christa Wichterich, WIDE+
Links between development, trade and migration – examples from Africa
Carla Cingolani, Mujeres en Zona de Conflictos, Spain
Overview of current trends in women’s trafficking between Africa and Andalusia based on a three-year research and ongoing NGO work on the ground
Marijana Savic, NGO Atina, Serbia
Situation of migrant women in Serbia following the « refugee crisis »
Maria Miguel Sierra, La Voix des femmes, Belgium
Integration and participation of migrant women in Belgium: trends over the last 20 years and challenges
Olesya Malyugina, Social Communication Center of the City of Warsaw, Poland
A feminist perspective on the situation of migrant women in Poland

Silke Steinhilber, WIDE + and Co-chair, Le Monde selon les femmes
*(active) Participants:
 Erasmus+ participants from Spain, Sweden, Poland and Belgium (all participants are members of WIDE+).
 OSF Project participants: organisations either partner or member of WIDE+ in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, and experts from other countries.
 Belgian and international NGOs and women’s associations, including: AWSA, Croix-Rouge de Belgique, GAMS Belgique, Exils, members of the Conseil consultatif genre, members of the World Women’s March (Belgian section), the International Rescue Committee, etc.
Anyone interested in the topics discussed is welcome.

Venue: Maison des associations internationales, Rue Washington 40, 1050 Brussels
Timing: 8.30 registration, session 9-12.00 (with coffee break)

Modalities: general public participants are requested to register. Please send an e-mail indicating your name, surname, organisation and country to by 1 March 2018.
Translation: EN-FR and FR-EN provided.