Join WIDE+ and sign the global statement for a binding human rights treaty for (Trans)National Companies

The Treaty Alliance, a global movement for a binding Treaty has launched a public statement that can be signed by associations and individuals. The statement calls on states to participate actively in upcoming negotiations of the international treaty to ensure protection of human rights from the activities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises. The final goal of this process should be a legally binding treaty.

Associations, networks, communities and individuals accross the globe are working together to pressure governments. Not all governments have shown a lot of enthusiasm and commitment to the process that takes place in the context of the United Nations. In previous years the European Union was very hesitant to agree and commit to a binding Treaty.

More pressure and attention to this process of creating a binding Treaty is needed to make it a success. Join WIDE+ and others in signing the statement.

This statement is also available in SpanishFrenchArabicPortuguese, Chinese, Bahasa, Hindi, German and Italian.  Click here to undersign and read the statement in English:

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