Join the Petition to ratify the Istanbul Convention to protect women from violence

Join WIDE+ and others to urgently ratify and implement broadly the Council of Europe convention to fight violence against women.

When ratified, the Convention will be a powerful binding tool to fight violence against women and girls. It will give legal power, attention, and funding to efforts to stop and punish rape, beatings, exploitation and trafficking, harassment and stalking: the unacceptable everyday reality of millions of women across Europe. “Traditional family values” will no longer be an excuse not to fight domestic violence.

All we need for a Europe safer for all women and girls is for our representatives in the Council of Justice Ministers to make a decision to ratify the convention. Civil society organisations have spent years advocating for urgent action, but the Council made no move. The fight against gender-based violence never became their priority. Today, together, we’re making it one.

The campaign is led by WeMove.EU and the petition to the Council of Europe to ratify the Istanbul Convention, is in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Polish:

Thank you for signing on!


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