Feminist Constituency call for a stronger implementation of women’s rights in Global Partnership in Development

WIDE+ as member of the CPDE Feminist Constituency calls for a stronger implementation of gender equality and women’s rights within the Global Partnership in Development.

The Feminist Constituency published their women_s_forum_statment_nairobi_2016 for the HLM2.

Key points of the statement is the call from Feminist, women’s rights and gender equality advocates for redistributive justice and the eradication of all forms of inequalities, not just gender inequalities. The constituency also challenges the mainstream economic development models, based on extractivism and the exploitation of resources, including women’s bodies, labour and natural resources such as land, to shift the dominant development discourse towards an inclusive, sustainable, and just paradigm. And they underscore that women, feminists, women’s organisations and women movements play key roles in development at all levels and stress that the full realisation of human rights and women’s rights are essential to any development and to any development cooperation framework.

The Feminist Constituency is part of the Civil Society Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) that monitors the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, a follow up to the Aid Effectiveness Agenda. It brings together governments, bilateral and multilateral organisations, civil society and representatives from parliaments and the private sector all committed to strengthening the effectiveness of their development co-operation. The partnership organized its High Level Meeting 2 (HLM2) that took place in Nairobi on 28 November 2016.

The Feminist Constituency organized the Women’s Forum that was held before the HLM2: