WIDE+ with many other Women’s Rights organisations express concern about lack of funding priority for women’s associations in FLOW programme

Many national, regional and global women’s rights networks and foundations have sent a letter to the Dutch Minister to express concern about the allocation of scare resources that will result in crippling the global women’s rights movement. An excerpt of the letter:

the decision to only fund nine projects in this new round – out of 100 that passed the eligibility test, and going from an average 2,4 to 9.5 million per grantee – is breaking the back-bone of the global women’s human rights movement. We are extremely worried that hundreds of local, national and regional women-led organisations who used to benefit from your support, – directly or indirectly as sub-grantees of FLOW beneficiaries – will have to end their activities, or severely scale back programmes, and that this will have very negative impacts on especially the most vulnerable groups of women.…..The FLOW fund is the only remaining large global fund, which focuses on women’s rights and empowerment”.

The full letter: Letter-FLOW-concerns-12-December-2015_updated_7Jan

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