WIDE+ Member Resources, Newsletter 4, December 2015

WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform General Assembly, November 2015

On 12 November WO=MEN presented her annual programme for 2016 at its General Assembly. The three key strategies (knowledge, lobby and platform) were discussed, as well as the activities for 2016 planned for the main programmes: Gender, Peace and Security and Sustainable Economic Development. There are already partnerships with international networks. WIDE+ is one of them. In 2016 WO=MEN will seek closer cooperation with the international networks.

After the presentation there were three interesting workshops focusing on migration, climate & sustainability and gender experts as entrepreneurs. The topic of women entrepreneurs is one WO=MEN has been working on. At the moment WO=MEN’s working group Gender and Sustainable Economic Development focuses on the trade and corporate social responsibility policies (both government and companies) and women entrepreneurship. Before the end of the year, there will be a new vision document of this working group and an overview of all activities that will be undertaken in 2016.

WO=MEN, the Dutch Gender Platform, is committed to a world in which all men and women have equal rights and opportunities. WO=MEN is the national network of Dutch organisations for gender justice worldwide. WO=MEN supports and represents its members, large and small, and is a linking pin with politics and foreign policy.

New Study on the Bangladesh Garment Industry

Wichterich, a WIDE+ member and researcher, has published a study with Khan: Khan, Raisul/Wichterich, Christa (2015): Safety and Labour Standards: The Accord and the National Tripartite Action Plan for the Garment Industry of Bangladesh, Global Labour University Working Paper, No 38


And: Wichterich, Christa/Khan, Raisul (2015): After Rana Plaza: Multi-Stakeholder Governance of the RMG Industry in Bangladesh. Global Labour Column, No 212


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