WIDE+ and nearly 500 other CSOs express alarm over neoliberal policies promoted at the Nairobi Ministerial of WTO

WIDE+ together with members of 453 civil society organizations including trade unions, environmentalists, farmers, development advocates, and public interest groups from over 150 countries, have express extreme alarm about the current situation of the negotiations in the WTO through a public letter. The CSOs urge governments to take seriously the need for the Nairobi Ministerial to change existing WTO rules to make the global trading system more compatible with people-centered development

As CSOs were are very critical about the efforts by some developed countries to abandon the development agenda and replace it with a set of so-called “new issues” that actually are non-trade issues that would impact deeply on domestic economies and constrain national policy space required for development and public interest.

Read the letter in full: Civil Society Letter Dec 2015-EN-as of Dec 9


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