WIDE+ Newsletter 3b, August 2015, SPECIAL EDITION, with: SDGs and Women’s Political Participation, Greece, CEDAW and Development, WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

GADN Recommendations to Measuring progress on women’s participation and leadership in the SDGs

A new publication by the UK Gender and Development Network (GADN) Women’s Participation and Leadership Working Group proposes global indicators to effectively track progress made on implementing the SDGs between now and 2030. Written by Abigail Hunt and Maria Vlahakis.


WIDE Austria Proposes a General Recommendation for CEDAW on gender and development policy

WIDE Austria has elaborated a proposal to serve as a basis for the comprehensive improvement of the monitoring and reporting methods of CEDAW members by proposing a General Recommendation on “Women’s Rights and International Development Policy”.

A recommendation for CEDAW on gender and development policy by WIDE Austria

Post-oxi great depression in Greece

Woestman provided in 2012 analysis of some of the gender dynamics in Greece in what have turned out to be the early days of the crisis. Now in 2015 she returns to this analysis and finds that the enduring crisis coupled with forced neo-liberal economic reforms have cause an overall feeling of depression and burn out: “Greeks tended to yell, not let themselves go to hell…[now] all hell is going to break loose”. Article by Lois Woestman.


CSOs should take action against WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

Despite all protests and concerns member states to the World Trade Organization (WTO) concluded a new set of agreements in December 2013 in Bali, the so-called Bali Package. One of these, the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) will enter into force after ratification by two thirds of the members. It facilitates the trade for Transnational Corporations who will benefit and earn trillions, pushing away the small traders and services providers. What is at stake in the TFA for human rights? Written by Joyce Naar.



WILPF 2015 Manifesto identifies neoliberal capitalism as one of the key challenges facing peace and freedom for women
ActionAid UK publishes ‘FEARLESS: Standing with women and girls to end violence’
OECD brochure on Donor aid towards Gender Equality& Women’s Empowerment
OECD publication ‘In It Together–why less inequality benefits all’
Publication on how people jointly struggle for justice against TransNational Companies
New study on ‘Business Accountability FOR Development’
EU Gender Equality Index 2015: Marginal Improvements in Gender Equality
Fashion brands violate labour laws in eastern Europe, NGO report finds
First ‘State of the World’s Fathers Report 2015’
Report ‘What lies beneath? A critical assessment of Public-Private Partnerships and their impact on sustainable development’
Publication ‘Anti-Gender Movements on the Rise? Strategizing for Gender Equality in Central & Eastern Europe’
European Parliament published study on gender gaps & barriers to (social) entrepreneurship
New Study on Domestic Work Labour Migration & Trafficking in and around India


News around Trade Policy

International Days of Action against TTIP, TPP, TiSA and CETA: 10-17 October, 2015
UNCTAD World Investment Report 2015
Infographics on TTIP Corporate lobbying paradise
New Wikileaks on TiSA: how the US is using a Secret Agreement on Services to wriggle out of its WTO obligations.
Analysis of European Parliament’s vote on TTIP
German Environment Agency report on TTIP
Register to the WTO Public Forum, 30 September-2 October, Geneva, Switzerland


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