Women’s rights organizations very concerned about police and military brutality in Equador

“Ecuador is currently in turmoil. Thousands of people are protesting proposed constitutional amendments, the expansion of the oil frontier, mining projects, changes to water and education policy, labour laws and pensions, a proposed “Free Trade Agreement” (FTA) with the European Union (EU), and increasing repression of freedom of speech, among other things. The government’s response? To send the police and military with batons and tear-gas to beat citizens, make arbitrary arrests, raid homes and even – some people believe – to take advantage of volcanic eruptions by declaring a nationwide “State of Exception”.”

Read the full artitcle: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/andes-to-the-amazon/2015/aug/19/protests-ecuadorians-brutal-repression

Women’s rights organizations have sent a letter to the UN Human Rights Commission about HR violations: CARTA A NNUU MUJERES ECUADOR 18AGOSTO

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