WIDE+ Newsletter | May 2015, Issue # 2


Days of Mobilization around EU-Latin America Summit, 8-11 June, 2015 http://wideplus.org/days-of-mobilization-around-eu-latin-america-summit-8-11-june-2

CSW 2015 celebrated Beijing+20 with record large participation but limited space for CSOs

WIDE+ joins EWL statement on latest disappointing UN Commission of the Status of Women Declaration

UK: Turning promises into progress for Gender Equality and Women’s and Girls’ Rights

The role of TNCs and trade agreements in the recent disaster in Atacama, Chile
Recently, an active WIDE+ member, Patricia Muñoz, visited the Atacama region in Chile, a region devastated by abnormal rain floods and mud avalanches. There she spoke to women from two nodes of La Via Campesina movement: ANAMURI and RATMURI.

New Book about Male Maternity: review by Caterina Dominici http://wideplus.org/new-book-about-male-maternity-review-by-caterina-dominici-newsletter-may-2015/

Take action! We suggest you join… | The petition to unblock the European Maternity Leave Directive | The Campaign for end to UN Immunity when peacekeepers commit Sexual Exploitation and Abuse | #WhoMadeMyClothes? | Online consultations: “Towards a renewed World Bank Group Gender Strategy” | Stop Fast Track & the Trans-Pacific Partnership Campaign


Summary of positions on the Post-2015 negotiations
Women’s Major Group Recommendations for the Aid Effectiveness Agenda, February 2015 Civil Society: if the European Commission want to achieve new development goals they need to take on major reforms in the international trade system
A Geopolitical Analysis of the Financing for Development agenda
OECD identifies priorities for Financing Gender Equality under SDGs
Briefing paper on the Struggle of CSOs to Shape the Post-2015 Agenda and Financing
Paper “The Post-2015 Corporate Development Agenda”


Call on the members of the European Parliament to firmly reject special rights for foreign investors


European Parliament FEMM Committee adopts its recommendations for the EU Strategy for equality between women and men

EIGE research: Gender gap in pensions in the EU
MEP Greens organizing events around Social and Solidarity Economy CONCORD Brief: who benefits from the EPA between the EU and West Africa?
Eurobarometer Report on Gender Equality
European Report on Development 2015: Trade before gender justice


*** New publications ***

Equality Now Advocacy Report | Reviewing sex discrimination in the law

CARE Report |Tackling the double injustice of climate change and gender inequality

Womankind report | Women’s rights at the crossroads in 2015

“Why Women Are More at Risk than Men in Earthquake-Ravaged Nepal”

“Governments priority for civil and political rights over other rights constraints addressing gender justice”

“Survey concludes that nearly 2 billion women worldwide are struggling”

UNRISD Classics, Volume II | Gendered Dimensions of Development


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