Karat Coalition’s statement during the UNECE NGO Geneva Forum available

From 3 to 7 November, 2014 the UN regional meeting for Europe and Central Asia was held in preparation to the next Commission of the Status of Women will focus on 2015: 20 years after the Beijing Platform for Action. The official meeting and NGO forum reviewed the position of women’s rights in the region.

Karat’s statement addressed main challenges & key emerging issues in the implementation of the Beijing platform for action in Central Eastern Europe & Central Asia. Karat Coalition was conceived at the Beijing conference. Kinga Lohmann, director of Karat coalition, mentioned three main concerns facing women’s rights in the region:

*The serious attack of ultraconservative circles and some Churches on the principle of gender equality;
*The simultaneous weakening of institutional mechanisms for women’s rights and gender equality;
*The continued presence and reemergence of militarism, nationalism and armed conflict in our region with serious repercussions on women’s human rights.

The statement also asked to show more active solidarity with Ukrainian women, not only from people of the Central Eastern Europe & Central Asia region but from all over the world. This solidarity has to also involve women from other parts of the world (particularly the rest of Europe and U.S).

To read the full statement: http://www.karat.org/category/karats-statements/

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  1. Seeing the very organisations like NGOs actually makes me realise that I must also come forward and should also participate in this very effort of making my very society as a much more better place for living. Thanks giving to all the very NGOs which are actually working in this very direction.

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