Tackle the links between illicit capital flows, tax policies and gender justice!

WIDE+ and many others have signed on to the statement prepared by feminists and allies at the Financial Transparency Coalition and Latindadd Conference “Hidden Money, Hidden Resources: Financing Development with Transparency” Lima, 14 – 15 October 2014.

The loss of tax revenues due to international tax evasion and avoidance significantly reduces the funds available to finance policies aimed at fulfilling the human rights of women and girls and gender justice.

International tax evasion and avoidance has negative impacts on vertical equity, in the North / South gap and the progressiveness of the tax systems of developing countries that disproportionately affect women.

Tax regimes are not gender neutral. Women and men experience the impact of tax policies as part of the workforce, as consumers, producers and as responsible for the “care economy” within and outside households. In this sense, regressive tax structures have disproportionate impacts on women.

Read the statement in English and Spanish: ENG_SPA_Statement Illicit Capital Flows & Gender Justice_Declaración Flujos Financieros Ilícitos y Justicia de Género_updated signatures 29nov

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