Spanish NGOs, including WIDE+ members CEIM and WIDE+E, are critical towards Spanish Action Plan UN 1325

In 2007 the Spanish Government approved an Action Plan to Implement United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) on Women, Peace and Security in which it seeks to promote the construction of peace and an integration of a gender perspective in armed conflicts, while undertaking to provide annual followup reports in that regard.

A group of Spanish NGOs that incudes WIDE+ members CEIM and WIDE+E have reviewed the third and fourth follow up report and conclude there are many gaps for the Spanish government to work on.



To prepare annual followup reports, as Provided for in the Action Plan.

‐ To establish an adequate institutional framework in each Ministry, defining their tasks and responsibilities, as well as a calendar for action and a budget for implementing the initiatives to be carried out within the scope of Resolution 1325.

To make the Interministerial Group operational, which requires defining its mandate, identifying persons of reference and setting up a calendar of meetings.

‐ To establish a transparent system for gathering information and monitoring, and to develop standardized assessment criteria that would facilitate clear information concerning achievements made toward each of the Plan’s objectives. To do so, internationally‐established progress indicators can be used as a reference.

To promote the participation of civil society, especially relevant women’s organizations, NGODs and Centers for Peace, within the inter–‐ministerial group. Adequate financial support is also needed to implement their activities as well as support for training for participating in significant incidents.

To identify good practices in the area of women, peace and security, to be inspired, supported and promoted from the various ministries.

‐ In conclusion, implementing the Action Plan requires the political will to do so and providing the necessary human and financial resources.

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