WIDE+ Newsletter January-May 2014 Published

Read the articles on the blog or download the PDF version:WIDE+2014_1

The latest WIDE+ newsletter brings you articles and news about:

Feminist demands for a post 2015 Development https://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/news/feminist-demands-for-post-2015-development/

Institutional Violence against women in Spain https://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/news/institutional-violence-against-women-in-spain/

WIDE+ at the 1st Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation High-Level Meeting in Mexico https://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/news/wide-at-the-1st-global-partnership-for-effective-development-cooperation-high-level-meeting-in-mexico/

WIDE+ participated in international feminist meeting ‘Together, for a global feminist struggle’, San Salvador, 19-23 May 2014 https://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/news/wide-participated-in-international-feminist-meeting-together-for-a-global-feminist-struggle-san-salvador-19-23-may-2014/

International Conference ‘The European Economic Crisis and its consequences for women’, March 2014 https://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/news/international-conference-the-european-economic-crisis-and-its-consequences-for-women-march-2014/

KULU Impressions of the UN Commission on the Status of Women’s 58th Session, 2014 https://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/news/kulu-impressions-of-the-un-commission-on-the-status-of-womens-58th-session-2014/

Founding General Assembly WIDE+ will be held on 30 October 2014 https://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/about/founding-general-assembly-wide-will-be-held-on-30-october-2014/

Building an Inclusive Media: report workshop co-hosted by the Central America Women’s Network and Frauensolidarität https://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/news/building-an-inclusive-media-report-workshop-co-hosted-by-the-central-america-womens-network-and-frauensolidaritat/

European Union News, WIDE+ member News, Other News and Resources

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