Conference “The European economic crisis and it’s consequences for women”, 20 March 2014, Sweden

Conference is organized by the Gender and Development in practice network (GADIP) and GothenburgUniversity 20-21 March 2014 in Gothenburg. GADIP is an association trying to gather feminists within the academia and activist organizations in order to join forces to try to make a difference. GADIP is the national platform for Women in Development Europe+ (WIDE+). The seminar will address questions such as: how the economic downturn in Europe affect women regarding employment / unemployment, family responsibilities, domestic violence, care of young children, community resources. What may be the consequences of such a crisis for the gender equality projects in Europe?

The intention of the conference is to exchange experiences from researchers and women & men active in voluntary women’s associations, to learn from practice and to investigate important research questions. The workshop will take place at the School of Global Studies (SGS) at University of Gothenburg.

Read the full programme: winnet_program_original_lowres

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  1. Hello
    My name Ashraf Abdallah I am a journalist, working in the newspaper “Malfat-Sakana” in Cairo, Egypt. I want to be with in your Conference “20-21 March 2014 in Gothenburg.
    Ashraf Abdalla
    Newspaper “Malfat-Sakana” ‘in Cairo, Egypt
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