WIDE+ Special newsletter, Workshop report, October 2013

WIDE+ Workshop: “Identifying feminist opportunities and voices in times of crises”, Madrid, Spain, 4 July, 2013

Full report: http://wideplus.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/widespecial_oct2013.pdf

Around 40 feminists from across Europe gathered in Madrid, Spain, last July 4th 2013, to reflect on the new strategies, spaces and challenges that feminists face. Five key note speeches and an open floor session gave room to an inspiring and sharp debate where the key question was: ‘what kind of strategies and action should feminist and other human rights advocates take in this changing global order?’.http://wideplus.org/news/wide-workshop-identifying-feminist-opportunities-and-voices-in-times-of-crises/

20 years after: the Women’s Human Rights paradigm in the current neoliberal context http://wideplus.org/news/20-years-after-the-womens-human-rights-paradigm-in-the-current-neoliberal-context/

WIDE+E in Spain and Europe: Feminism against patriarchal neoliberalism http://wideplus.org/news/wide-in-spain-and-europe-feminism-against-patriarchal-neoliberalism/

Spanish version http://wideplus.org/news/wide-en-espana-y-europa-feminismo-contra-el-neoliberalismo-patriarcal/

The Vienna+20 NGO Conference “Human rights in crisis“

WIDE+E at the 2013 Vienna+20 Basque Country Tribunal on Women’s Rights http://wideplus.org/news/widee-at-the-2013-vienna20-basque-country-tribunal-on-womens-rights/


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