WIDE+ solidarity statement with protesters in Turkey

As European feminists and women’s rights activists, we express our solidarity with the protestors in Turkey. We deplore the repression and massive state violence against people who exercise their basic freedoms of dissent and assembly. Instead, we reaffirm the indivisibility of human rights, including the rights of democratic opposition, freedom of opinion and media, and the right to move and speak freely in public, the right to a life free from violence and to control over one’s own body, health and sexuality.

In particular, we reaffirm these rights for all women in Turkey who have been at the frontlines of the years-long struggle for democracy, equality and freedoms – including, but not only, in the last weeks’ protests.

Read the full solidarity statement:
WIDE_solidarity_w_Turkish_feminists (in English)
Turkey_statement_spanish (in Spanish)

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