WIDE Annual Conference report 2007 ‘New aid, expanding trade: what do women have to say?’

WIDE’s Annual Conference 2007 on “New aid, expanding trade: what do women have to say?”, hosted by the Gender and Development Working Group of the Spanish Platform of Development NGOs (CONGDE) set up an important series of questions and concerns for all women working in gender, trade, development and social justice. The conference brought together women´s organisations from all over the world, North, South and East to examine how ongoing reforms on trade, financial mechanisms, and development are linked, and to advocate for change. The Spanish platform (CONGDE) who co-hosted the meeting with WIDE provided not only an excellent work space but also a convivial atmosphere of solidarity where reflections on women´s contribution to different development processes and strategies for alternative visions for feminist ways forward could flourish.

CONFERENCE REPORT 2007. And the report in Spanish.