2016 International Conference

Brussels October 2016 Online Report of 2016 International Feminist Conference Movements, Borders, Rights? Feminist Perspectives on global issues in Europe, (co-)organized by WIDE+

Conference statements in English, German and Portuguese

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Introduction and background of the conference
conference program and speakers bios




 New Topography of Power and the Future of Gender Justice



Migration and women’s rights: When refugees cross borders to Europe and within Europe – old reflexes, new fences




Challenging Europe’s austerity politics and trade regimes from a feminist and development perspective




Right wing populism: a threat to gender equality and women’s rights

Austerity, pressure on public dissent and rising neo- conservatism: shrinking spaces for feminist activism

Sustainable development goals: a tool for systemic change on feminist principles?

Transforming EU’s gender blind trade policies

Root causes of migration in the Global South and reconfiguration of development cooperation

Who cares for whom? Asylum and refugee rights

New security policies, conflict and women’s human rights

 Discourses on sexism, xenophobia and racism – the role of media

 EU-Africa trade agreements: drivers for development or more poverty?

Building alternatives to policy of austerity and current economic model in Europe from a feminist perspective

 Self-organization of migrants and refugees; who speaks for whom?



Final plenary Audio session and video

cvm6-uxxyaex1hj  Slam Poetry by Amina Abdulkadir