Feminist Movement Building

Still not enough! Feminists want System Change
A Feminist Forum in Europ

Feminists are a force for positive change and resistance – locally, regionally and globally. In many important and different ways, feminists are fighting for a world without misogyny, violence and exploitation, a world based on equality and social justice that redistributes and values care work and respects the planet.

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We are calling for a Feminist Forum in the late spring of 2021 to debate the status quo, and to share strategies of resistance and change. We aim to build transnational solidarity among feminist initiatives and to link our struggles, while building our collective capacity to understand and transform the world we live in.  The forum will be interactive, creative and informative, with different ways of engaging.

We believe that it is essential to bring together diverse strands of feminist analysis and collective practices to reinforce common feminist grounds for political action.


We aim to unpack how the current neo-liberal dogma
that still dominates political governance across Europe has ramifications beyond the economic sphere, affecting women’s rights in deep and different ways.

The economic dimension of political processes that undercut women’s rights often remains invisible, including its impact on nature and the climate.  Many of the mainstream macro-economic policies that have been promoted in Brussels and across Europe are contributing to the rise of  ultra-conservative coalitions through increasing inequality and insecurity. Through the external policies of the EU, they enhance gender-based violence, exploitation and the abuse of human rights in Europe and globally.

We are convinced that the Forum will reinvigorate feminist action and solidarity and will unite us. We want to invite feminists to work together and network outside the Forum beyond local or national borders. This collaboration could be in the form of sharing information, working on joint projects, setting up a European campaign or joint advocacy.

By bringing feminists together, supporting exchange and collaboration in a European context, we can multiply our individual efforts in our own cities, regions and countries. That is why we are planning a European Feminist Forum in 2021.


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