Feminist Movement Building

Creating Spaces for joint reflection on Feminist Movement Building

Gender Equality and the protection of human rights can only be achieved if we challenge the systemic causes of inequalities that are rooted in cultures of patriarchy and our current (global) political-economic governance. In Europe we lack a coherent feminist movement that aims to work together to promote systemic change. There is a lot of fragmentation between different kinds of feminist initiatives in Europe and in collaboration with feminists in the Global South. One main reason for this is a lack of possibilities to coordinate transnationally, which is reinforced by COVID.

WIDE+ is working to provide spaces for transnational feminist collaboration and reflection in Europe on key themes and questions we are faced with at this moment, such as: “how to make our feminist visions heard in public spaces, while being protected from online violence and restrictions from politicians?”, or: “what can feminist from different generations of activism learn from each other?”. And of course what we can learn and do together to have this experience of the pandemic that has uncovered many of the shortcomings and failures of our current economic infrastructure lead to a “Build Back Better”.

WIDE+ is organizing regularly meetings, conferences and other events to promote exchange in order to build capacity of feminist activists, groups and associations.

In order to take part in the spaces, kindly subscribe to our e-newsletter or our social media for updates. You can also join our feminist movement working group as a volunteer, or join as member. For further information, kindly inquire: Gea Meijers at info@wide-network.org

Activities in 2021

WIDE+ will organize all its activities online in the first half of 2021, given the current state of affairs around COVID-19. A more detailed Action Agenda will follow end of November.


Activities in 2022: No Turning Back! A Feminist Forum in Europ

Feminists are a force for positive change and resistance
– locally, regionally and globally. In many important and different ways, feminists are fighting for a world without misogyny, violence and exploitation, a world based on equality and social justice that redistributes & values care work and respects the planet.

We want to challenge the systemic roots causing gendered inequalities and further build on alternatives.

We are calling for a Feminist Forum in 2022 to debate the status quo, and to share strategies of resistance and change. We aim to build transnational solidarity among feminist initiatives and to link our struggles, while building our collective capacity to understand and transform the world we live in.  The forum will be interactive, creative and informative, with different ways of engaging.

We believe that it is essential to bring together diverse strands of feminist analysis and collective practices to reinforce common feminist grounds for political action.

We are convinced that the Forum will reinvigorate feminist action and solidarity and will unite us. We want to invite feminists to work together and network outside the Forum beyond local or national borders. This collaboration could be in the form of sharing information, working on joint projects, setting up a European campaign or joint advocacy.

By bringing feminists together, supporting exchange and collaboration in a European context, we can multiply our individual efforts in our own cities, regions and countries. 



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