WIDE+ is a European network of feminist activists, scholars, and women’s rights organisations that reaches out to 300 associations, through its national membership-based networks and organisations across Europe. It aims to promote women’s rights by analyzing the systemic causes of inequality and advocating for transformative change. WIDE+ comes from a longstanding collaboration between feminists in the global South and feminist economists. In the last five years WIDE+ has been able to connect this global expertise with feminist activism in Europe.

Our core strengths are our scope, activism and diversity of our network. WIDE+ has members in many European states and partners around the globe.

For us, feminism is not only about challenging patriarchy. We strongly believe that many of the current crises we face in Europe and beyond are caused by neo-liberal approaches that put big business and privatization before the wellbeing and human rights of people.  Work primarily done by women is still made invisible (unpaid care work) or exploited at the bottom end of the pay scale.

WIDE+ has done a lot of work on how current economic structures and policies sustain gender inequalities and injustice and how this intersects with other global developments such as a pushback on women’s rights and increasing racism and violence towards migrants.

We have established regional collaboration on protecting the rights of migrant women as well as the  rights of refugee and undocumented women.

In the next two years we plan to focus on the relationship between our economic structures and climate warming and environmental destruction from a feminist perspective.  We will also focus on the collaboration between older and new generations of feminists.

The need for a new economic order is being proven right now with the corona virus greatly testing the capacities of collective care and prevention. And this is also a gendered crisis since more women work in health care and other social services.

WIDE+ is a democratic association with around 40 individual members and 20 organisational members. The number of associations involved is indirectly much greater, approximately 300 associations.

Read here a brief introduction: introduction_WIDE_2019 

Our Statutes and Internal regulations.

We look forward to welcoming feminists and/or women’s rights associations!

WIDE+ members at the recent WIDE+ strategy meeting in Barcelona, Spain (1 and 2 November 2019).



  1. I have a draft of a book about global youth activism. Anyone like to critique the chapter on Europe? Also have a draft of a book about young women activists with a chapter about feminism in the US and Europe. Want to make sure they’re accurate and complete? Thanks, Gayle
    gkimball at csuchico.edu

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