WIDE+ Newsletter 2017

Newsletter February 2017


Key Messages of Conference “Movements, Borders, Rights? Feminist Perspectives on global issues in Europe”, 24 – 25 October 2016, Brussels Belgium.

Feminism must be more political in confronting the current multiple crises.

This is the key message from the international conference “Movements, Borders, Rights? Feminist Perspectives on Global Issues in Europe” which took place in Brussels 24-25 October 2017. The Conference was organized by Women In Development Europe+ (WIDE+) and the European Women’s Lobby (EWL), in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF), Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLS) and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES).

Over two days, around 170 gender rights activists, professionals and academics from 31 countries came together across generations and continents to exchange and sharpen their understanding of the current situation. The voices of migrant and refugee women were prominent throughout the debates. Three dimensions of the European political crisis were discussed: the political backlash; the movement of refugees; and economic development and trade policies.

To read the press release with the key messages: https://wideplus.org/conference-2016/
Full Statement_Conference_2016 in English
Statement in German: statement_conference_2016_deutsch
Statement in Portuguese: carta-politica_conferencia-wide

Join or Support the “She Decides – Global Fundraising Initiative” against Trump’s Global Gag Rule

WIDE+ and other civil society organizations applaud the Dutch government initiative “She Decides” and stand united in opposition to the US Global Gag Rule that President Trump reinstated this month. Please join the initiative and sign the petition as association or donate for associations affected by the Global Gag Rule. One can join the campaign by donating or signing a petition:
http://www.shedecides.eu/(to donate) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScyNYolqqBBVwoYjhp3FBtAh8zc5uo5sDQ-DhofUzc0IZiSIg/viewform (to sign the petition)
civil-society-organizations-stands-with-she-decides (to read the petition)

The Global Gag Rule, also known as Mexico City Policy, is a US government policy promoted by Republicans that blocks federal funding for NGOs providing information, referrals and services for legal abortion. The result of such a policy is that it reverses progress the world has achieved on reproductive, maternal and child health, it violates women’s rights and, by making essential services out of reach, it increases unintended pregnancies and unsafe abortions at the cost of women’s health and lives in particular in the poorest countries of the world.

Feminist Constituency calls for a stronger implementation of women’s rights in Global Partnership in Development

WIDE+ as member of the CPDE Feminist Constituency calls for a stronger implementation of gender equality and women’s rights within the Global Partnership in Development.
Click here for further information and the statement of Feminist Constituency towards the High Level Meeting 2 (HLM2) that took place in Nairobi on 28 November 2016.

#Womensvoices – Refugee and Migrant women activists across Europe meet at the WIDE+ Open Space Session, 14 November 2016, Belgium

WIDE+ celebrated International Migrant’s Day that took place on 18 December with publishing q video that highlights the importance of the voices, challenges and experiences of female refugees and migrants.
The video offers a reflection on the WIDE+ open space that was part of an Advocacy and Strategy workshop 14-15 November in Brussels, Belgium, that was organized with EWL whom provided for the other session on Tuesday. The meeting has build capacity on possible cross-national advocacy and was a space to exchange views on burning issues between activists of women’s rights and refugee and migrant associations.
To see the video and read the key messages from the Open Space Session: http://wp.me/p2KSLS-x2.


Report Available of WIDE+ at 13th AWID Forum

At the 13th AWID Forum in Brazil held in Costa do Sauípe, Bahia – Brazil – during 8-11 September 2016, WIDE+ hosted a workshop: “Revisiting our strategies for reclaiming a social, gender just, democratic and peaceful Europe“. This report provides a reflection on the Forum, the WIDE+ workshop and what WIDE+ took away from it. To read the report: wide_awidforum2016_report.


Food Sovereignty movement and the women’s struggles

Article by Ana Alvarenga de Castro

This article reflects on the current tendency in many peasant communities of more women taking responsibility for food production while still facing the lack of access to natural resources. The lack of land, food and of access to natural resources literally undermines women’s (or other subjugated genders’) autonomy. Not coincidently, women in rural communities have usually taken leadership positions in political organization defending their livelihoods against land grabbing and environmental depletion caused by high polluting activities and performed by transnational corporations, as well as setting up self-organized groups fighting against gender violence and inequalities.
Women’s leadership and women’s struggles are juxtaposed to global developments of the patriarchal-capitalist rationality translated into neo-liberal approaches that is heading natural resources’ and labor’s exploitation, especially in the Global South, as a process of so called neo-extractivism (or neo-colonialism, in some points of views). The author concludes that it must be clear that women fight for their rights and autonomy in a society that tries to subjugate them, not because they are essentially connected to nature or are ready to serve the societies with their care and reproductive role.
Download or read the article: food_sovereignty_womenstruggles


News and Resources of WIDE+ Members

GADIP Report available from International Conference “Gender, Refugees and Security”, 21-22 October, 2016, Sweden: http://wp.me/P2KSLS-yI.

A feminist analysis of TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) negotiations between the US and EU, WIDE+ member Le Monde selon les femmes (in French): http://www.mondefemmes.be/genre-actus_ttip-femmes-genre.htm.

GADN, The Gender & Development Network released two new briefings on Gender Equality and Macro-Economics:
Stepping up: How governments can contribute to women’s economic empowerment;
Sharing the load: Unpaid care work and women’s economic empowerment.
And released CSW61 Factsheet on Women’s Economic Empowerment: to read the fact sheet. 


New Resources and News

New Paper Gender Equality and EU Economic Governance: New Opportunities?

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung published the paper “Integrating Gender into European Economic Governance: Oxymoron or Opportunity?” written by Agnes Hubert and Barbara Helfferich:

European Parliament study commissioned by FEMM Committee: Gender Equality in Trade Agreements

Trade policies have different impacts on different groups of women and men. Carefully assessing the likely gender implications of specific trade agreements is therefore essential to ensure that both women and men benefit from the gains from liberalisation and are adequately protected from its negative effects. This study, commissioned by the European Parliament Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs upon request by the FEMM Committee, reviews evidence and makes recommendations on how to ensure that new trade agreements such as CETA, TTIP and TiSA take gender equality objectives more fully into account.