Take Action, Newsletter 3, August 2015

Call on governments to support the appointment of a UN women Secretary General

By the end of this year, the mandate of current UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, will end, many women organizations and bodies from various directions believe it’s time to push forward towards a woman to hold the top position. Antonia Kirkland, legal advisor at “Equality Now” stated “The selection process for the next UN Secretary-General is a great opportunity to bring us a step closer to gender equality globally”.

You can take action now to call on the permanent and rotating UN Security Council member states and their corresponding Secretary of State/ Foreign Affairs Ministers, to support the election of a woman Secretary-General and to adopt more transparent nomination procedures. And you can spread the call:


Support a CEDAW General Recommendation on Indigenous Women

The Women’s Human Rights Education Institute is very pleased to play a supportive role to the “Alianza de Mujeres Indígenas para la CEDAW” (the Indigenous Women’s Alliance for CEDAW) in their global campaign.

The campaigns call on the CEDAW Committee to adopt a new General Recommendation on Indigenous Women that will help to: further visibilize the intersectional discrimination experienced by indigenous women around the world; broaden and expand the understanding of women’s human rights at the international level; and support more effective mechanisms for holding states accountable for ongoing colonial and racist violence against indigenous women.

You can get involved in different ways to show your support, for you can sign and share a global petition on Avaaz in support of the General Recommendation: www.learnwhr.org/petition

Find out more: http://learnwhr.org/initiative-for-a-cedaw-general-recommendation-on-indigenous-women/

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