2013, Issue 4

WIDE+ vision and mission are ready: https://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/wide-vision-and-mission-ready/

An update on the establishment process of WIDE+, including a report on the face to face meeting in Madrid, 5 July, 2013:

WIDE+ joins Civil Society letters for human rights:
WIDE+ joins Latin American Medellin Declaration on Business and Human Rights.
-WIDE+ signs letter that calls for a halt to the proposed neo-liberal Trade in Services Agreement.
-WIDE+ signs statement to call on legal Human Rights instrument to bind TNCs.
-WIDE+ and CAWN: end persecution of Honduran indigenous leaders.

WIDE+ solidarity statement with protesters in Turkey:

WIDE+ member news:
-Wide-Switzerland new publication: ‘Switzerland care-free?!’
-WIDE+E in the IV Feminist Economics Congress, 3-5 October, Spain.

General: news and resources

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