KARAT Coalition Birthday Fundraiser event

On January 31, 2013, the Birthday Fundraiser event was held in Warsaw, Poland to celebrate 16th birthday of KARAT Coalition and its work in the field of women’s human and economic rights in the Region. The event also aimed at expanding KARAT’s constituency of supporters including the business community.

It was attended by more 100 guests who had a chance to find out more about KARAT’s work, see the exhibition of photographs of women and by women from Central & Eastern Europe, and support our work by donating small amounts to KARAT in exchange for magnets and badges. The birthday celebration was a great opportunity for our team to meet old friends of KARAT and make a new ones, and we are very grateful for all the support that our guests gave us. We hope that the links established and strengthened at the event will last for many years.

See the photos from the Birthday Fundraiser event on KARAT’s Facebook fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/KARATCoalition). Photographer: Ewa Dąbrowska-Szulc

Read more about KARAT’s herstory: http://www.karat.org/about-us/mission-and-her-story/
For more information please contact Agnieszka at: agnieszka.mazurek(at)karat.org.pl

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