“Our Common Cause”: interview series on feminist movements & struggles

This new series of in-depth interviews explores the realities of resisting and promoting feminist ideals. Our ‘Common Cause‘ defines feminism as an inclusive concept that is about protecting the rights of people while opposing any kind of oppression. Thus, part of this series are also interview(s) around LGBTQI initiatives.

The series is the result of the work conducted by social movement scholar Jennifer Ramme and her team of students in the frame of the seminar on social protests and gender regimes at the European University Viadrina in 2019. They are published in collaboration with WIDE+. In the interviews, the activists talk about the issues they struggle for in various places in the world, though most articles focus on informal movements in Europe and Latin America.

The series is edited by Jennifer Ramme and also part of a newly started social archive project (currently in Polish, but in other languages at a later stage) documenting feminist initiatives and struggles.

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