WIDE+ members meet in July 2013 in Madrid

WIDE-E (WIDE Spain) is organizing a WIDE + meeting in Madrid (Spain) on 4 and 5 of July, 2013. During the past half year members of WIDE+ have worked on writing down the vision, mission, governance structure and strategies for the new network WIDE+. In the upcoming meeting members will take decisions on these issues, and further discuss the course of strategic and operational actions.
Provisional agenda:

Day 1. Open Conference “Conversatorios”: framing actual debates

Day 2. Internal WIDE+ meeting

Further information on the meeting will be provided in the coming months. One can find it on the website of WIDE+ (wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com) or contact info(at)wide-network.org.

About WIDE+

WIDE+ is currently an informal European feminist network of gender specialists, women’s rights advocates and activists, women’s rights organizations and development NGOs. WIDE+ aims to fill the gap in advocacy on a European level in which these organizations and individuals can collectively strive for gender equality, women’s rights and social justice in development, gender, trade and macroeconomic policies and practices, both in European and global decision-making arenas.

WIDE+ stems from the WIDE network, which harbours experiences of more than 25 years in advocacy and movement-building in transforming development, macro-economic and women’s rights policies at the European and international level. With the dissolution of WIDE in December 2011, WIDE+ was set up to enable individuals and organizations to continue to push together for the feminist perspective in developmental, international and macro-economic policies at the EU and international level

WIDE+ is currently steered by a Task Force of around 30 individuals and platform representatives, which is opened for all members to join. There is also a group of members open for people and organizations to join. The Task Force works jointly with diverse working groups. One of the main goals for WIDE+ in 2013 is to re-establish the network into a formal structure, with a new governance structure, incorporating lessons learned from the previous network and an agenda that is widely shared among the members.

WIDE+ milestones in 2012

WIDE+ network’s milestones in 2012 were:

-WIDE+ members strategized together at the 56th UN CSW in 2012, held from Monday 27 February to Friday 9 March in New York, USA.

-WIDE+ organized a session during the AWID Forum, April 2012, entitled ‘Transforming Economic Power to Advance Women’s Rights and Justice’. The report of that session is published online as a publication at WIDE+ website.

– WIDE+ was represented at the Vienna Dialogue organized by the UN, in December 2012, and at Asia Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) in Laos, October 2012.

-WIDE+ members are (and were in 2012) part of the post15 MDG process, the national and global processes around CEDAW and the Rio+20 process.

-WIDE+ is (and was in 2012) represented in Europe and international in the CSO Development effectiveness process. WIDE+ continues the work of previous WIDE, and serves as the coordination hub for the feminist groups in Europe in the new Global Civil Society Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) that emerged to engage with the outcomes of The Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, Korea (December 2011).

-WIDE+ published two newsletters and a new website was set up that includes previous WIDE resources.

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