Feminism in NGO Conference “Vienna+20“

The Second World Conference on Human Rights was held in Vienna, Austria, on 14 to 25 June 1993. It came up with the Vienna Declaration and Program of Action emphasizing the primacy of human rights, underlining the indivisibility and universality of human rights, strengthening the rights of women, children, and indigenous peoples and recommending action towards a High Commissioner on Human Rights and towards the right to complain against violations of the ICESCR.

Now, 20 years after this UN Conference on Human Rights, no states´ conference will take place. Nevertheless, organizations and persons interested in human rights in the middle of multiple crises have reason to revive the consensus reached in 1993, to rebuild it where necessary and to face the new challenges. FIAN International and ETO Consortium in cooperation with Austrian NGOs are therefore convening an NGO Conference on 25 and 26 June in Vienna, in order to strengthen the Human Rights movement globally. Central aim of the NGO conference is to formulate a strong NGO declaration “Vienna+20”.

The next two days (27 and 28 June) after the NCO event, a conference hosted by the Austrian government will take place, bringing together high-level representatives of governments, international organizations, UN special rapporteurs, and (invited) civil society speakers.

“Women’s rights are human rights” was the main NGO slogan at the UN conference in Vienna twenty years ago, where an impressive parallel NGO forum was organised, bringing violence against women into the human rights discourse and the legal framework.

Due to this context, WIDEAustria, a WIDE+ platform, is actively supporting the NGO conference. Together with other CSOs they are preparing the women’s rights panel and they are part of the draft preparation for the NGO Declaration.

WIDEAustria also organizes a special event “Vienna+20: Women’s rights at stake – Voices of international women’s rights activists” to be held on 25th June 19.00h in the Austrian Women’s Ministry (will be soon announced at: www.wide-netzwerk.at).

More info about Vienna+20: http://viennaplus20.wordpress.com/

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