Our Vision

Our Vision

Feminism is about fighting for the rights of each women to be fully respected and enforced as part of a larger struggle for social justice, sustainable development and human rights of all. This is not an approach of ‘adding women’ into existing unequal relations. Feminism is about social transformation. We need to address intersecting unequal power relations and oppose unjust ones, including economic, environmental, social, sexual, racial, generational and ethnic discrimination.

Feminism is about combating all forms of discrimination, in particular against people that are targets for discrimination, such as women, migrants, indigenous and LGBTIQ people.

Our Feminist Future

We strive for rights-based societies in which everybody has:

  • the power to control productive assets and resources,
  • to influence the decisions affecting their lives and livelihoods,
  • to decide over one’s own body and life,
  • and develop to their full potential.
  • A world where the rights and wellbeing of people and the planet are put before profit and,
  • where the economy is transformed accordingly at all levels (of societal action).

As feminists, women’s and human rights activists we continue to strive for a world in which the implementation of the UN Convention against all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the Beijing Platform for Action and all other international agreements on women’s rights are respected and implemented in economic and development policies at the local, national and global level.

Our Mission

WIDE+ has the  following aims:

  • Create and widen spaces to multiply the impact of feminist activism;
  • Influence and transform institutional settings, power relations, policies and practices;
  • Act in solidarity with feminist and human rights movements.

Picture above is from our Public Session on female migration, democracy and peace, held on 7 March 2018 in the European Parliament.

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