WIDE+  works through interlinked strategies of analysis and capacity building (feminist literacy), (innovative) movement building and advocacy informed by a feminist perspective..

WIDE+ works to achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • Contribute to building a feminist movement in Europe that is less fragmented, including:
    • Developing collective capacities and analysis of feminist and/or women’s rights activists, groups and associations.
    • Building trans-sectoral alliances/collaborations with different groups and social movements in Europe.
  • Advocating for systemic changes in policies and societies to protect women’s rights and realize gender equality, with a special target of influencing European decision-makers.
  • Strengthening WIDE+ to become financially more sustainable while keeping its democratic and participatory way of working.

You can read in other sections of our website how we work towards achieving these strategies.

Picture above is from our open space organized with European Women’s Lobby to promote the rights of female migrants and refugees in November 2016.





  1. If I manage to find a ticket from Gothenburg to Bern either by train or a flight, will someone help me to to find a place to sleep?

    Beat regards Evy Warholm/GADIP.Sweden

    1. Dear Evy, dear all,

      We very much appreciate your participation. We are sorry but we cannot host people with accommodation.

      best wishes, Gea Meijers, WIDE+ communication facilitator

    2. Best Gea, I only asked for papers this time,

      If I’d come I must find lodging on my own.

      Nice to read your name again.

      All the best

      Evy Warholm 23 sep 2014 kl. 19:36 skrev WIDE+ :


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