WIDE+ is a Europe-based network of feminist activists, including young professionals, researchers, and women’s rights and development organizations. It is an international non-profit association registered under Belgian Law. The transformation towards more equal and socially just societies with feminism is our key objective.

WIDE+’s main activities are:

  • creating feminist analysis on current developments;
  • advocacy of European policies, especially in trade and development;
  • feminist movement building in Europe.

Our core strengths are our scope, activism and diversity of our network. WIDE+ has members in many European states and partners around the globe.

Members call for gender justice with social justice, since gender justice can only be brought about if intersecting unequal power relations are addressed.

WIDE+ strongly believes that women are not a homogeneous group and that without respect for the multitude of feminisms, we can’t build agency. WIDE+ works in solidarity with grassroots groups or migrant networks, representing different regions and identities in the Global South and North.

WIDE+ is a democratic association with around 40 individual members and 16 organisational members. The number of associations involved is indirectly much greater, approximately 300 associations.

Read here a brief introduction: introduction_WIDE_2019 

Our Statutes and Internal regulations.

We look forward to welcoming feminists and/or women’s rights associations that share our vision!

Seasons Greetings WIDE+, with impressions of our activities in 2018

seasons greetings WIDE+


  1. I have a draft of a book about global youth activism. Anyone like to critique the chapter on Europe? Also have a draft of a book about young women activists with a chapter about feminism in the US and Europe. Want to make sure they’re accurate and complete? Thanks, Gayle
    gkimball at csuchico.edu

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